Rise Above Barriers.

An exhilarating sense of freedom is discovered when flight is experienced for the first time. It can be hair-raising and spine-tingling. But our previously held perspective starts to vanish as we begin to lift off and peer out, captivated by the unveiling of this new panorama of our planet.

Elevate Your Creativity.

Flight allows us to paint the world on a broader canvas and expand the spectrum of our palette. It unleashes our imagination, daring us to fly farther, soar higher, chase faster...to race the sun and challenge the fabric of time itself. Express your unique vision, explore creative concepts, and remember that nothing you can envision is impossible!



Johnny Wanda

Pilot - Filmmaker

Johnny Wanda is a commercial helicopter pilot who has worked in aerial media for many years. His knowledge of aviation along with his passion for art and adventure travel have helped him become  on of the best drone pilots in the industry. He is chief pilot for Soaring Badger Film Productions, the first 333 exempted drone operator in Illinois, and the only one licensed to shoot on closed film sets. He is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, making him an ideal candidate for Latin American film projects. 



Jason Sherrick

Jason Sherrick

Technical Engineer

Jason Sherrick is a field service engineer specializing in telecommunications and AV systems integration. Jason has grown a sole-proprietorship from performing PC repairs for residential customers, to integrating state-of-the art AV and network infrastructure for dozens of Fortune 100 clients. He provides training in NLE and animation software, asset management, NAS administration, process development, multimedia transcoding, and many other technical services.


Colin Hinkle

Cinematographer - Photographer

Emmy award-winning cinematographer and photographer Colin Hinkle has been shooting television news in Chicago for over 10 years and currently acts as owner/operator of Soaring Badger Productions. During his time in the industry he has worked with such clients as ESPN, ABC, Hyundai, and Def Jam Records, and has developed a deep understanding of how to create beautiful images in a timely and creative fashion.